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Semi-modular VJ Software for Mac OSX

Designed for real-time media mixing and compositing, built over
the most powerful graphics technologies like
Quartz Composer, Vuo, Syphon, FreeFrame, OpenGL and Core Image.


Demo for Mac OSX 10.7 - 10.11


Blend multiple sources in CoGe VJ software Mix multiple sources in CoGe VJ software Audio controlled effects in CoGe VJ software


Modular & Scalable

CoGe is a semi-modular vj software, which means you can build the environment that suits you the best, and you won't be stuck with a pre-defined interface. “Gadgets” are the building blocks of the modular ecosystem and interface.

You are only limited by the maximum performance of your computer's graphics card and, of course, your imagination.

Numerous Type of Inputs

CoGe isn’t a picky VJ software. It eats almost everything out of the box!

Something not on the list? Roll your own Quartz Composer media handler patch - you’ve just expanded CoGe’s capabilities.

Audio Meets Visual

Audio Analysis in CoGe allows you to modulate parameters using incoming sound. For example, you could change the amount two videos are mixed by binding the opacity of one source to the overall loudness of the sound or a frequency band in the room with just a few clicks. CoGe also supports and plays Quicktime compatible movie loops with audio channels and allows the routing of a movie's sounds to different audio outputs. CoGe has a built-in, MIDI Clock syncable “BPM” engine to help you create beat-synced automations or to adjust a movie's speed to tempo.

and lots more!


Try before buy

Please try out the DEMO before you buy - the demo is fully functional but you cannot save projects and presets. Make sure CoGe is the right tool for you before purchasing, because we can NOT guarantee refunds.


License for CoGe is available from $99 (+VAT). You can purchase with Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer. Orders are securely processed by Fastspring©.



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